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Anonymous whispered,

what's wrong with india? there's at least 1 rape news every day. indian guys has too much sex drive? females wear decently too so surely there isn't any reason to say the girls are also at fault...


Having lived there, it seems like education seems to be a problem. Most of the common men you see on the street don’t seem to understand that “no” means no, let alone the concept of consent as a whole. In general, I’ve seen that everyday crimes are committed without much conspiracy or huge ill-intent, just random petty crimes of opportunity because of the harsh realities of the lives many lead there.

They also advise anyone female to not go out at night, because that’s apparently an “invitation” for sexual harassment. I went out for New Years’ festivities in the middle of Bangalore, one of the “whitest” cities in the country, and while tens of thousands flooded the streets at night, I could only see a few women… and they were being hurriedly ushered into cars by family members.

Rape is unfortunately far too common even in “developed” countries, with a 2007 report showing that 230 rape cases happened in the UK every day. That’s a terrifying statistic.

What was more terrifying about India is the child abuse statistics.
53% of children have been sexually abused. I saw that on the local news and it left me speechless. Yeah, that’s more than half of all Indian children.

By the way, I notice that you said “females wear decently too so surely there isn’t any reason to say the girls are also at fault…” so here’s my small contribution to education. By my understanding of rape, it’s the occurrence of sexual penetration without explicit consent. That means there is only one person at fault: the person doing the penetration. (And in my books, you don’t have to have a penis to be a rapist, but that’s another issue).

The girls are never at fault, no matter how they dress or act.
The person committing the attack is the criminal.

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